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  • Can Kids Really Learn Wing Chun?

    Can kids learn Ving Tsun? The young lady in the video is only 9 at the time of the filming, she started training eith us when she was only five. Click below to view.... YOUTH SPARRING ....

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  • The Beginning of My Kung Fu Life

    The Beginning of My Kung Fu Life

    How I Came to be a Student of Ving Tsun Kung Fu My Kung Fu History *This story was originally written around 2010 and was first published in our student handbook. By Sifu Dale Steigerwald Once one begins the journey of learning Kung Fu, his or her life becomes a part of the history of kung fu. I began my pursuit of Ving Tsun Kung Fu at the age of seventeen under Sifu Dino Rhelos. I met him at a Sheetz gas station in Baden, Pennsylvania over the summer of 1996. There is a saying in Kung Fu circles that states, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" and on that day the teacher did literally appear, and I will assume that I was indeed ready because that day ....

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  • Family Rates Are Great At Academy of Ving Tsun Kung Fu

    Family Rates Are Great At Academy of Ving Tsun Kung Fu

    Keep your family close. Add any family member to the primary membership for 50% savings! Call 724-847-3300, or set up your first trial class at Family member must reside in the same household as the primary member. Limited time offer. ....

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  • Weapon Training - The Secret to Success in Ving Tsun

    Weapon Training - The Secret to Success in Ving Tsun

    Weapon training: The Secret to Success in Wing Chun Why is it that so many students of the wing chun system fail to see any real improvement in their empty hand skills, despite spending many years on the system? It’s because they don’t spend enough time on weapon training. The weapon set of the Ving Tsun system has been designed to not only improve your ability to use both edged and blunt weapons of any size, but did you know that weapons training also improves your empty hand skills? It does, and there are many benefits to weapon training in wing chun, both inside and outside the school. When to begin learning weapons of the wing chun system ....

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  • Halloween in New Brighton

    Halloween in New Brighton

    This is just a quick reminder that we are closed this evening in recognition of Halloween/Trick or Treat in New Brighton. Please keep thevstreets as safe as possible for all of the children. Happy Halloween! ....

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  • First Class Back Tonight

    This evening we will be having our first class back after the shut down. Face masks will be rrquired. Classes will be at their normal, however, they will only last 45 minutes as we ease back into the swing of things. If you are ill, have recently been ill, have anyone in your household who is ill, have been in direct contact with anyone with Covid19 or symptoms of Covid19, please refrain from attending. At the conclusion of class, please make an effort to exit the building as quickly as possible so that we may get the school ready for the next class. Our training for the time being will be noncontact and we will focus on forms, footwork, and solo drilling. We are excited to get back in ....

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  • We Are Going Live on Zoom!

    We Are Going Live on Zoom!

    Tonight we will be hosting our first live broadcast virtual class. Students, please check our private groups for class time and directions to log on using Zoom! See you this evening! ....

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  • Members' Only Online Resource is HERE!

    Dear Members, During this time of the COVID19 Pandemic, training must still go on, even if we have to do it on our own. In light of this we are working on creating a Member's Only section to our website. This resource is not meant to be a resource for now, but a valuable resource when life returns back to normal. You will find various "goodies" on the page and they will be updated regulary to keep things interesting. Also, we have two active student resources avaiable for you on our adult and youth program facebook pages. If you are not a member of these resources, please take the time to send a facebook friend request to Sifu, Dale Steigerwald on facebook. From here you can be added to ....

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  • Opportunities and Challenges - It Doesn't Alway Have to be Easy

    Opportunities and Challenges - It Doesn't Alway Have to be Easy

    It happens several times per month. I get a call from a potential student who is interested in learning Ving Tsun exclusivly. They often tell me about how they have looked far and wide and suddenly they stumbled upon my school (which has been operating and open to the public for 13 years now) and there is only one problem- we are too far away. What consistutes "too far" is different for many. For some people it's an hour and half by car. For others its anything over a 10 minute drive. Part of me wants to laugh. The other part wants to just hang up. I want to laugh because if there is one thing we know about finding a quality martial art and a qualified teacher to teach it, the student ....

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  • Beaver County PA Wing Chun Reaction Time Drill

    "The average reaction time of a visual stimulus is 0.17 seconds. Plenty of time to take decisive action even in a worse case scenario." Not a knife defense demonstration, but a reaction time demonstration utilizing a training knife to illustrate the point that decisive action can always beat reaction even in a worse case scenario. In this drill we can learn that if we do not telegraph we can move at a rate that is impossible for a would be attacker to defend against in a static situation. Thank yo to Mike Z. for helping with the demonstration with Sifu Dale Steigerwald. If you're ready to get your training started sign up for your first class for free at ....

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