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  • Sixth All Time Black Sash Youth Student Pittsburgh Wing Chun

    Sixth All Time Black Sash Youth Student Pittsburgh Wing Chun

    Congratulations to this young man, Jerry on earning his black sash October 5, 2019 In 12 years of Ving Tsun in Beaver County he is only the sixth youth student to earn a black sash. We are all so proud of you and happy to be a part of your journey through the Ving Tsun system. Keep up the awesome work. You make us all proud. ....

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  • Happy Birthday Grandmaster Yip Man

    Happy Birthday Grandmaster Yip Man

    Happy Birthday Great Grandmaster Yip Man, aka Ip Man. Thank your for perserving and passing on this amazing art of Ving Tsun for us to enjoy and pass on to the next generation. ....

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  • New Times and Class Structure

    Starting the first full week of October we will be launching an additional Adult Only 1&2 Class from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM. This class will be available for anyone in our Adult program ages 18 and up. Students who join our school in the adult program will be listed as Adult 1 Students. This refers to students who are studying the first section of the ving tsun system called siu nim sao and have not yet begun playing chi sao yet. Adults who are elgible to train in the Adult 2 class will be any adult student who joined our school before October 1, 2019, or has completed six months of training with satisfactory attendance (65 classes minimum) and has qualified to begin learning the Chum ....

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  • The Space In Between

    The Space In Between

    To improve your practice in any endeavor, quit focusing only on points A and B. Learn to improve the space between them... The transitions. This is really where the magic, science, art and beauty of a practice lives. Anyone can do points A and B- ANYONE. But what separates the master from the novice is understanding how things move, how they unfold, how they evolve and how one thing flows seamlessly into another. If you can do this you will discover the space in between- a space full of time, energy and precision that you never knew existed. If you cannot, all of your studies, time, and effort will be of minimal value after the beginner level has been achieved. Most will burn out or ....

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  • Our First Junior Instructor

    Our First Junior Instructor

    Academy of Ving Tsun Kung Fu Student Spotlight features Kayla Blackwood If you look up awesome in the dictionary, you will probably find a picture of this young lady... You would, at least if we wrote that particular dictionary. Kayla is among the first three students to earn her black sash in our youth program, and at only 10 years old has been advanced to our teen and adult program. To be honest, she is just too powerful and precise to train with students her own age, she needed to have older partners to continue advancing in her skill. Kayla is also the first Junior Student Instructor in our youth program. Her passion, dedication, skill and kind heart make her an standout student and ....

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  • Am I Too Old to Start?

    Am I Too Old to Start?

    The student approached the old master and asked, "Master when is the best time to learn kung fu?" The master, with a subtle smile said, "10 years ago." The student somewhat perplexed thought the answer over and then asked another question. "Master, when is the second best time to begin learning kung fu?" With a bright smile, and knowing eyes, the old man replied, "Right Now." Many times throughout the year I will get an inquiry with the following question, "Am I too old to start training?" The simple anwer is almost always, "No." In our 12 years of teaching Wing Chun in the greater Pittsburgh area we have had many students begin their training in their 60's and one who actually started ....

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  • Our Ving Tsun Lineage

    Our Ving Tsun Lineage

    Many new to the martial arts are surprised to find that many teachers of martial arts, Chinese arts in particular, are very interested in sharing their lineage. To the new an uninitiated prospective students, it may not seem as though the lineage that the teacher is so proud of is very important.... Rest assured; however, it is. Traditionally lineage signifies the authenticity of the school and what the teacher has to offer, and today that is more important than ever. Why? Because there is a sudden increase in the amount of unqualified teachers attempting to promote arts that they themselves have never actually studied under a qualified teacher, and many have even gotten all of their ....

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  • Local Dummy Made it to Prime-Time

    Local Dummy Made it to Prime-Time

    Just a brief article in regards to a wooden dummy that I built in 2012 that was featured on episode 201 of NCIS, the number 1 show on TV at the time. On February 14, 2012 (yep, Valentine's Day) When I spoke to the news crew at CBS Local, I gave them the headline, "Local Dummy Makes it to Prime Time." They more or less used the title and did a feature news bit on me and the dummy with Dave Crawly. It was a great honor and opportunity to have one of my creations featured on NCIS. If you are wondering if I still build dummies these days. The answer is absolutely! As a matter of fact I am in the process of finishing up 3 oak wooden dummies and 2 southern yellow pine dummies. If you are in ....

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  • Ving Tsun, Passing Down Authentically

    Click Here for Video There is a Ving Tsun Kuen Kuit (traditional saying) that states "Ving Tsun passing down authentically." Over the years there has been a lot of discussion as to what that means. In our school it means to pass it on authentically, without changes based on any one person's thinking. It also implies that the art should be passed from one generation to the next fully intact and from someone who has an authentic and verifiable lineage through formal discipleship. Here we share with you our verifiable authentic lineage through discipleship back to Great Grandmaster Yip Man, aka Ip Man, famous teacher of the late Bruce Lee, and the late Great Grandmaster Moy Yat. Enjoy. ....

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  • The Purpose of Wing Chun

    The Purpose of Wing Chun

    In the book "Ving Tsun Kuen Kuit" by Grandmaster Moy Yat and CN Kwong, John Moy 4 recounts his first meeting with Grandmaster Moy Yat many years ago. One of the most amazing explanations of the purpose of Ving Tsun was given to John Moy 4 by Grandmaster Moy Yat. Grandmaster told him, "The purpose of ving tsun kung fu is to lead you to be free and relaxed. This can never be achieved if you are physically or emotionally to techniques. You must free yourself from dependence on mechanical expressions and trust your body, your kung fu to protect yourself. If you would like to experience the freedom of Ving Tsun for yourself at the areas best Wing Chun school, give us a call at 724-847-3300, or ....

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