Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Something that we have observed over the years at the Academy of Ving Tsun Kung Fu in New Brighton, PA in regards to the acquiring of martial arts skill. In the beginning the volume of practice is the most important element (aside from proper guidance/direction). Simply put, initially you will not know where the real effort needs to go, so you must go through a period of massive and consistent action to "get inside and and look around."  This is the point that we refer to as "critical mass" in our children's and adult's martial arts classes in Beaver County, PA.  After some time (possibly a long time) and a lot of work you will reach a point where you have accumulated enough knowledge to begin refining and working on the areas that will really make you shine. At this point, practice switches from shear effort and time, to focused effort with an eye toward the result.   It is now as if now you know the road, so you are ready to travel. Volume of effort may actually decrease at this point, but the effect continues to increase and refinement becomes evident as you have become a skilled martial artist. But the key take away, in our opinion, is to not disregard the shear effort phase of learning, because without it you will have nothing to refine. It seems to me that you must "move a lot of dirt to find the gold."

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