How to Add an Easy Extra 30 Hours of Training Each Year

How to Add an Easy Extra 30 Hours of Training Each Year

Want to add an extra solid 30 hours of training to your life each year?

Many people can only seem to find time to train on days when they are actively at their mokwoon or dojo. However, there are easy ways to add a lot of extra training to your busy schedule each day... and believe it or not, it only takes five minutes each day, and you will produce much greater results (if you're not already investing the time into training on your "off days").

Simply take five minutes each day to work on some aspect of your training. It could be simple as using the time it takes to brew your coffee or tea in the morning. Want to add 90 hours each year? Find three times each day to train for five minutes.

Maybe in the morning while you are waiting for coffee to brew, at the end of your lunch break, and while your better half is getting ready for bed would work. Any time that you can squeeze it in with some amount of regularity and can form a habit around will work. Some ideas to practice include sao bao (wall bag) training, forms training, wooden dummy training (even dar hong jong, ie the wooden dummy form without the wooden dummy), footwork patterns, timing drills, coordination drills (especially the simple little details that you find you need to work on in the regular class), even some light stretching.

The goal here is to basically "sneak in" some quality focused training in what seems to be a negligible amount of time . It will make a difference. Drip by drip your bucket will overflow. Five minutes by five minutes, your skill will grow.

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