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Dear Members,

  During this time of the COVID19 Pandemic, training must still go on, even if we have to do it on our own.  In light of this we are working on creating a Member's Only section to our website.  This resource is not meant to be a resource for now, but a valuable resource when life returns back to normal. You will find various "goodies" on the page and they will be updated regulary to keep things interesting.  Also, we have two active student resources avaiable for you on our adult and youth program facebook pages.  If you are not a member of these resources, please take the time to send a facebook friend request to Sifu, Dale Steigerwald on facebook.  From here you can be added to these resources. 

Current members who have not already signed up for our Member's only access page, please fill in the form below (or click on the link if it does not show on your screen) so that we can add you to our growing list. 

Be safe and know that we willl miss training with you in person until the pandemic subsides.

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