New Times and Class Structure

Starting the first full week of October we will be launching an additional Adult Only 1&2 Class from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM. This class will be available for anyone in our Adult program ages 18 and up. Students who join our school in the adult program will be listed as Adult 1 Students. This refers to students who are studying the first section of the ving tsun system called siu nim sao and have not yet begun playing chi sao yet. Adults who are elgible to train in the Adult 2 class will be any adult student who joined our school before October 1, 2019, or has completed six months of training with satisfactory attendance (65 classes minimum) and has qualified to begin learning the Chum Kiu form and has upgraded to the Adult2 class. Any class labeled as Adult 1 is avaiable to students who are qualified to participate in the Adult 2 training. Students in the Adult 2 category are encouraged to participate in the Adult 1 classes. See you on the floor!

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