The Space In Between

The Space In Between

To improve your practice in any endeavor, quit focusing only on points A and B.  Learn to improve the space between them... The transitions. 

This is really where the magic, science, art and beauty of a practice lives.  Anyone can do points A and B- ANYONE.  But what separates the master from the novice is understanding how things move, how they unfold, how they evolve and how one thing flows seamlessly into another.

  If you can do this you will discover the space in between- a space full of time, energy and precision that you never knew existed.  If you cannot, all of your studies, time, and effort will be of minimal value after the beginner level has been achieved.

Most will burn out or give up in any practice for lack of this understanding and will wonder why others go on to achieve at great levels, often in more than one domain and yet they themselves cannot even grasp at the threads of accomplishment in any. 

Learn the space in between.

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