Our First Junior Instructor

Our First Junior Instructor

Academy of Ving Tsun Kung Fu Student Spotlight features Kayla Blackwood

If you look up awesome in the dictionary, you will probably find a picture of this young lady... You would, at least if we wrote that particular dictionary.  Kayla is among the first three students to earn her black sash in our youth program, and at only 10 years old has been advanced to our teen and adult program.  To be honest, she is just too powerful and precise to train with students her own age, she needed to have older partners to continue advancing in her skill.  Kayla is also the first Junior Student Instructor in our youth program.  Her passion, dedication, skill and kind heart make her an standout student and exceptional role model for the other youth students to follow in her steps.  She is joined in our school by her two younger siblings, Mason and Lana.

Please join us in congratulating and recognizing Kayla for her outstanding accomplishments and contributions at such a young age.  Keep up the great work Kayla.

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